Colored by the Joys & Wonders of Life

Award-Winning California Painter With a Penchant for Vibrancy and Eclectic Style


KC Moore works primarily in acrylics and oils but has produced work in multimedia, collage, digitally altered photography, and assemblage.

She is an award-winning California artist who enjoys the focus of emotion in her artwork: vibrant color, the movement of a line, the layering of contrasting or supporting hues and textures...virtually anything that formulates the excitement of life.

She admits that the color and movement in her work are more vibrant and electric than found in the real world. Most of her compositions are born out of memory, experience, or emotion, and it reflects more on what could be rather than what is.

She states that an artist cannot help but bring to the world emotions encountered in life.

Native has become her logo, and it was a life-changing experience. It occurred after 9-11 and several close personal losses that she found herself producing work exploding with anger and eventually stopped painting altogether.

She encountered a photograph of a native man dancing - caught in a moment of joy. He had nothing by our standards and yet was happy!

It was a moment when she resolved to continue painting, but only subjects that reflect the joy and wonder of life.

Have you ever had your artwork rejected?
Well, so did Yoko, Andy, and Leonardo. There's a copy of the rejection letter Andy Warhol got from MoMA when they said 'no thanks' on her blog at:

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"If the artist cannot find beauty and joy in the world, who will show it to us? If the poet is quiet, where are the words to elevate the spirit? If the songwriter puts down his pen...." KC Moore

However, life does change. She reinterpreted her logo in 2011 to a more stylized look and a free, luminous image. Entitled "Pure Joy", the original is 6" x 6" Oil on Canvas. 


Sea Swept is meant to convey artistic passion; in the moment, beautiful, and expressive. Sea Swept is oil on 4 canvas panels measuring 11" x 14" and is 50" wide, enclosed within a striking thin burgundy frame.



The Oak Trees of Northern California are a work of art in themselves; they survive the hot, dry summer and reach magnificent heights. Some gracefully extend their branches to the earth as delicate ballerinas.

Dancing Oak is 16" x 20"