The California experience is unique: the environment, the business, and Hollywood glamor are legendary & we have some of the most breathtaking scenery in the nation. The majority of Californians have transplanted from other parts, and thus it has become an entity of its own.

True artists embody the life force of their environment, and the artists here are like no other. They are free and experimental. They are not locked into a mold or formula but are adventurous and daring.

The original art coming from the life force of Northern California is refreshing and ever-changing.


24" x 48" in a simple black wood frame. SOLD, prints available.

This painting reflects the awe-inspiring coast of California, with the drama of the ocean meeting land. It says two things:

First, the water is kissing the land passionately,

Secondly, it tells us by the movement that anyone surviving this water would definitely kiss the land as well!

KC Moore is an award-winning artist, collected nationwide, and has shown in galleries in Sacramento, Fair Oaks, Carmichael, Old Sacramento, Placerville, Lincoln, Roseville, New York, Ojai, and many juried shows. Her artwork is on display in many professional offices and public venues.

She is an artist taught by artists and has taken classes on an intimate level with:

Gretchen Ryan, Gary Pruner, Susan Sarback, Bobbi Baldwin, Igor Babalovich, and Howard Stover as well as rubbing elbows with other accomplished artists in the legendary Midtown Gallery.

She supported the local charities, coordinated Midtown Gallery, organized art events, curated the Annual Youth Invitational, been a featured artist dozens of times, had 3 one-woman shows, received the Business Woman of the Year Award, and in many juried shows.

Her home gallery was at Midtown Gallery on J Street for over a decade. She has shown at dozens of local galleries and venues in the Northern California vicinity.

She retired from the galleries. However, you can still purchase unsold art found on this website from:

The Kennedy Gallery

Color Chaos Aqua


It's a party! A live painting experience where the audience chooses the essentials of the painting, and KC Moore delivers it on the spot!



The participants decide!

The Pallet, Special Effects, The Subject, Canvas Choices (color, texture, size)...you can incorporate a Theme; you can select the Music: soft or loud, classic or rock...each choice will make a difference!

The Fun! No one knows what it will look like before the start of the process. The fun is watching it develop before your eyes!!

Write to me at
[email protected]

ART BY AUDIENCE© has been a fun interactive experience. This painting was done in 2 hours at Lincoln Oaks recently. I have photographed the final painting with the paints chosen by the guests at the party, also shown are the images and special effects selected. As guests arrived, they were asked to make a choice, and no one knew what another had chosen until I was ready to start.

Selected Shows & Events:


March: Kennedy Gallery
Featured Artist "CHRYSALIS'

May: Kennedy Gallery
20-20 Show Participant

Mar: Kennedy Gallery Featured Artist
"The Return: Beyond the Known"

Jan: Kennedy Gallery
Curator: 6th Annual Youth Invitational

Nov: Kennedy Gallery Featured Artists
"Art to Feed the Soul"

Aug-Sep: One-Person Show
Beecher Room, Auburn Public Library

Jun: Midtown Gallery
Curator: 5th Annual Youth Invitational

Aug: Art by Audience - Lincoln Oaks

July: Art by Audience - Lincoln Oaks

June: Midtown Gallery Featured Artist
"Collaborations with Nature"

Feb: 404 Gallery Featured Artist

Jan 25th - Mar 1st
One Woman Show at S. Pine Cafe, Auburn

Jan: Midtown Gallery
Curator: 4th Annual Youth Invitational

Dec: Art by Audience at ARCO

Nov: Midtown Gallery Featured Artist
"Beyond the Known"

Oct: Rancho Robles Winery Art Show

KC Moore has been in dozens of venues since before the year 2000 and has a consistent presence in the 2nd Saturday Art Walk of Sacramento.

Beyond Reason

Beyond Reason is a vision with multiple explanations. It is 24" x 48" done in acrylic and oil mounted in a heavy black wooden frame. Prints are available.