Featured Paintings

One November Show was entitled 'No.5 Orange'. It includes 7 pieces ranging from still life to abstract. They were painted over several years, but the unifying feature is the color of Fall - Orange!

This is my interpretation of 'Grape Nest' by Gary Pruner. I took his final Color Theory and Oil Painting classes before he retired. I asked if I could copy one of his pieces in order to better learn his method. I call it 'By Permission'. It is the centerpiece of that month's show. Measuring 18" x 24", it is oil on canvas board.


I did this painting as an impression of my own logo. It measures 6" x 6" on stretched canvas.

My painting was exhibited at Charmingwall Gallery, located at 191 West 4th Street, between Barrow and Jones in NYC, in their July show.

12TH DIMENSION was part of a series entitled 'The Deep' in which I produced paintings inspired by the pictures returning from the Hubble Telescope in Deep Space.

It measures 24" x 24" and was produced with acrylics, oils, and metallic powder.


I don't often paint realistic subjects, but I believe an artist must try their hand at every method at least once. Every painting experience can develop new tools for the artist's toolbox.

This was painted under the tutelage of Bobbi Baldwin in her 8-part series called 'Techniques of the Masters'. In this class, she demonstrates oil painting techniques according to traditional European methods. She can still offer workshops for painters interested in learning new techniques.