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Invisible Strings


Approximately 7' tall and 2 1/2' wide.  It was painted on heavy stretched canvas after a visit to the New York Metropolitan Show of El Greco and borrows from one of his famous paintings.  

The image represents the artist, the dancer, or an individual who experiences some of the higher aspirations of life.  

However, we find a struggle to move with the world around us and sometimes feel pulled in directions that are challenging for us to remain our own.  

(There are words within this painting, some attached to the strings like freedom and friendship) 


KC Moore has retired from the gallery scene but her work can still be purchased through:

Kennedy Gallery

1114 20th Street

Sacramento, CA  95811



She has a sporadic presence in Social Media:





Showed at over 30 art venues including:

Kennedy Gallery, Sacramento

FE Gallery, Sacramento

Heritage Oaks Chapel, Rocklin

Destiny Group Offices, Rocklin

Addison Avenue CU, Roseville

Pottery Studio, Ojai

Midtown Gallery, Sacramento

404 Gallery, Roseville

ARCO Arena Exec. Lounge

Charmingwall Gallery, NYC

Winemakers Gallery, Auburn

Auburn Public Library

Placer Arts, Auburn

Pine St. Cafe, Auburn

Lincoln Arts

Baldwin Fine Arts, Fair Oaks

Stirling Running Stream, Sac.

Barton Gallery, Sacramento

Studios At Michaelangeos

Rocking Horse, Old Sac

Ash Can Gallery, Carmichael

WEAVE Works, Sacramento