Artist in Oils, Acrylics & Special Effects




Garden of the Deep

This is a layered, flow of color and movement, providing the hint of deep water...or perhaps deep space?  A thick, glossy glaze provides luxurious color and depth.

24" x 48"  SOLD

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The story of love and romance...

 It starts at the embryonic stages i.e. the DNA (lower left) of two individuals who eventually share a dance.  Soon he sweeps her off her feet and they continue their journey together thru the wedding dance and happily ever after.

24" x 24" acrylic on board $500

After painting for over a dozen years, mostly oil and acrylic, I started enjoy using special effects to make new a different statement. 

KC Moore

 KC Moore has painted over 300 original works of art, this is but a sample!  If you wish to know more about her art, write to her at: 

The Dance


 The Dance is textbook communication in relationships.  Can you see her attitude of indifference with his insistence of his worth? 


She holds the heart of her husband, the most precious thing that has been given to her.

24" x 48" Oil & Acrylic on Masonite





 16" x 20" multi-media display of the deep on board displayed in a wood frame with a shiny metalic finish.  It is inspired by the awesome photographs return from deep space, it also has elements coming from the depth of our oceans. 

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Look at Me Tree


 Look at ME Tree appeared after three weeks
of solid rain in the Spring on the CSUS Campus.  It was breathtaking!  The sun was brilliantly showcasing this beauty.  The painting is brilliant but nature was far above what the artist could emulate. The original is now on loan to Heritage Oaks in Roseville, CA.

24" x 24" framed in heavy black wood.   $700  

Breaking Through


 ...speaks for itself



 Jezebelle...mmm, we've heard about her.  "You can spend all night wondering what she's thinking, but you know is isn't good." per one gentleman at the gallery.  The translucent effect must be seen in person to be appreciated!  16" x 20" oil on canvas framed in gold/silver metalic wood frame.  16" x 20"  $800 


Earth Art

Multi-media display of blues and earth tones, richly textured.  This painting can be hung both vertically and horizontally!  

"There is a lot going on here" my guest at the FE Gallery so said.

24" x 48" $800  

Prints Available